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Illustrating Christine
     In my early years I began forming a deep connection with Earth. Playing in the gardens and greenhouses of my grandparents and greats. Amongst the vegetables and flowers a passion took hold. I can remember the days as I grew, selling flowers by the roadside with my sisters and brother. Doing what little we could to aid our parents as they formed and operated their construction company. My families creative passion for plants, landscapes, hard-scapes and hard work has inspired all my siblings and gifted me with a natural talent for understanding the land to create pleasurable spaces for us all to enjoy.

    The time was finally right in 2004 for my Earthly passions to come to light. I founded and fully operated, Classic Landscaping and Garden Design located in Sandwich, MA here on Cape Cod. Classic, as it became known, served clients spanning the upper Cape, from Sandwich to Falmouth, Barnstable and more. Offering both design and installations for planting and stonework, irrigation and landscape maintenance, Classic was able to grow very quickly. No project proved to be to massive or no lawn to small. Once a client and myself built a positive relationship Classic was ready and able to do the work, leading to many renewed yearly contracts. Those relationships became my favorite part of owning a business, every new friendship created a spark in me that lit the projects to burst with flare and positivity. It was wonderful hearing honest praises for my design sense, work ethic, attention to needs, timely performance and accurate proposals. There is comfort in saying that a proposal, once accepted, was never raised for any reason whatsoever! My desire was always to go above and beyond with every account and for that to be acknowledged by my clients, I am grateful.

    Life does as it does and after 6 years I sold Classic Landscaping and Garden Design, but not before aiding a smooth transition for the new owner could I leave Classic behind. Making sure that he, I , and the clients all were in good standing I finally then moved on to other aspirations.

    Today, I return to the industry with focus on what I truly enjoyed most, the people and the plants. I have missed the personal connection and direct fulfillment that owning and operating my own business once offered me. I miss the cold dirt and smell that only fresh soil can offer as it brings back to my early years playing under the flowers. Even though the dirt never left my nails it is now time to begin again with encouragement from family, friends and former business associates. I feel proud to say, I am back!

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